About Us

NeoNail is one of the leading brands in Europe. It offers over 300 colours of UV gel polish, all the accessories required to create perfect nail styles, as well as care products.

The products are intended to meet the needs of a wide group of care enthusiast: beauty salon owners and employees, SPA centres, manicure specialists and those nail art admirers who are just starting out.

NeoNail is an innovative brand for women who express themselves through the perfect manicure. Instead of following the trends, we create them and encourage others to continue!

We offer more than 2500 products, breath-taking UV gel polish colours and nail art products.  These products are not only perfect for professionals but also for all women who pay attention to their beauty and value their time.



NeoNail has been developing its activity since 2006, both in Poland and abroad, and is successful on the demanding cosmetics market.  Our distribution network crosses European borders, and the world map constantly broadens our horizons.

NeoNail UV Gel Polishes stands for durable gels with a beautiful, deep colour. The benefit of hybrid manicure exceptional gloss is their chip-resistance and durability and styling lasts up to 21 days with a quick application.

NeoNail polishes have completely transformed manicure; in our collection there are many multi-colour fine powders or foils, thanks to which you can achieve your dream results. A simple application by or sprinkling will give the styling a unique character.