3in1 UV GEL – Creme


Simple 3in1 – Creme
Hue:                               Pink
Degree of Coverage:    Semi Transparent
Finish:                            Gloss
Capacity:                        7,2 ml
Collection:                      Simple
Catalog number:            8510-7

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3in1 UV Gel polish SIMPLE - Creme

Do you value the hybrid for durability and comfort, and the classic nail polishes for the ease of application?  Meet the varnish from the Simple 3in1 Creme UV Gel.  This varnish does not require the use of a base or top coat, although it is cured in an LED lamp .

White hybrid varnish - a manicure mannequin in a few moments

Hybrid 3in1 Crème is a shade that will emphasize your holiday tan, but also give your styling a subtle, feminine character, so it is worth having it in your nail polishes collection all year round. After all , the creamy texture of the product prevents it from running down on the cuticles and is very easy to apply. Do you love classics and elegant, feminine stylizations? Reach for the white, semi-transparent Crème hybrid varnish to create a quick manicure in just a few moments !

UV Gel Nail Polish

Vanilla, Rosy, Creme

SIMPLE 3in1: strengths: 

  • 3in1: base, color, top in 1 bottle.
  • Enriched with silk proteins that will protect your nail plate.
  • Durability up to 14 days.
  • Dermatologically tested  - safe  for people with sensitive skin.
  • Quick application in 20 minutes - so only 2 layers and it's ready!
  • How to apply and How to Remove 

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