Afternoon Cocktails


Afternoon Cocktails

Colour:   Purple
Finish:  Classic
Collection:  Paradise
Capacity:  7.2ml
SKU:  8527-7

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Hybrid Varnish Afternoon Cocktails 7.2 ml

Afternoon Cocktails hybrid varnish from the Paradise collection

In a few hours you are meeting your friends and you do not know what shade of hybrid polish to apply on your nails? Choose the Afternoon Cocktails color , which is a beautiful, deep shade of purple from the latest Paradise summer collection! It is a color that fits perfectly into the holiday, carefree atmosphere, and at the same time its elegant, feminine color makes it perfectly emphasize the beauty of each of your styling. Regardless of whether you are going on a date, business meeting or an evening out with friends, the shade of Afternoon Cocktails will perfectly match the nature of each of these situations!

Holiday hybrid varnish in violet color

Afternoon Cocktails is a saturated, purple hybrid varnish that will emphasize the beauty of your tan, and at the same time perfectly combine with other colors, thanks to which you will prepare perfect nail decorations . A similar color is already available in the NEONAIL offer - it's the Never Give Up shade . Afternoon Cocktails is definitely darker than him , which is why it will perfectly emphasize the feminine character of each of your stylizations!


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