Angle’s Charm


Angels Charm

Shade:            Blue
Collection:       Bloomy Vibes
Capacity:         7.2 ml
Catalog:           8353-7

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UV Gel Polish - Angel's Charm 7,2 ml

Here is baby blue with great potential! Of course, you can successfully apply it to all nails to make a one-colour manicure and adapt to the current trends! It will also be indispensable when you want to create an ornament for spring 2021! It cannot be hidden that Angel's Charm UV gel polish is a timeless, elegant proposition - it is subdued, stylish, and at the same time emphasizes the femininity and strength lies dormant within us!

Grey UV gel polish - what shades should it be combined with?
Have no idea how to combine baby blue Angel's Charm with other colours? We already advise! All you need to do is use it in a duet with any UV gel polish from the latest UV gel polish collection for spring 2021. Angel's Charm will also be useful when creating simple as well as more complex decorations, because it is a colour that can surprise and add extraordinary lightness and charm to the entire manicure. A real must have that each of us should have in our cosmetic case? Definitely Angel's Charm!

UV gel polish Angel's Charm is:

  • creamy texture that allows you to work on 5 nails at the same time (the product does not flow on cuticles),
  • a very saturated shade that provides up to 85% coverage with just one layer,
  • easy application thanks to a well-shaped brush,
  • curing in 30s when using a 48W LED lamp,
  • quick removal of stylisation with Acetone,
  • durability up to 21 days and perfect shine!


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