Baby Boomer Nude Base

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Baby Boomer Base Rose

Type of nail plate:     Discolored, plate in good condition, thin nail plate
Consistency:             Medium Thick
Hue:                          Pink
Capacity:                  7,2 ml
Catalog number:      8367-7

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Baby Boomer Base Nude Base 

The Baby Boomer Base Nude is hybrid base of Nude Base with color.

Are you looking for a hybrid base with the addition of color, perfect for a classic, subtle manicure? Discover a novelty from NEONAIL that meets your needs! Here is the peach Nude Base nail base from the BABY BOOMER BASE collection! With the help of this product, you can prepare a feminine, elegant manicure that will be a great background for further decorations, e.g. a timeless French or a fashionable baby boomer.

UV Gel Nail Polish

Baby Boomer Base Nude

Benefits of this base...

  • Your manicure will stay even on thin, brittle nails as it has strengthening properties;
  • Now you can create your stylization in a few moments thanks to the semi-transparent and medium-thick formula that is easy to apply;
  • You can build and extend nails up to 5 mm;
  • With this you will get an elegant, subtle effect;
  • you will create a perfect French or baby boomer manicure if you combine the peach shade of Nude Base with white hybrid varnish or a product from the paint gel collection;
  • Your stylization will last even if you don't use a nail primer;
  • you will save your time, because you can complete the Nude Base shade without removing the styling from your nails.
  • Recommended Top Coat - Hard Top



Do you want to make a beautiful manicure that will look elegant and natural? Choose a product from the BABY BOOMER BASE series in the Nude Base color !

What is the product suitable for:  Perfect base for creating timeless French and baby boomer styles. Thanks to them, you will get the effect of a natural-looking styling in beautiful shades of semi-transparent pink and peach.

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