Baby Boomer White Paint Gel

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Baby Boomer White Paint Gel

Type of nail plate:     Discolored, plate in good condition, thin nail plate
Consistency:             Medium Thick
Hue:                          White
Capacity:                  7,2 ml
Catalog number:      8366-7

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Baby Boomer White Paint Gel

 Baby Boomer White Paint Gel, a white gel for decorations

Do you want to create feminine, beautiful patterns that will make your manicure match both elegant and crazy stylizations? Bet on a product that will make it easier for you - this is Baby Boomer White Paint Gel !

Why is it worth choosing this White Paint Gel.

UV Gel Nail Polish

Baby Boomer Base

You will love it for:

  • a perfect,  snow -white  shade with  strong pigmentation and good coverage ;
  • the perfect  complement to the Baby Boomer Base - together they form a perfect duo that will help you create your dream decorations;
  • a medium-thick consistency that makes it easier to work with the product - even  beginners who are just starting their adventure with making patterns on nails  can cope with it ;
  • quick and easy application  with a  convenient brush ;
  • perfect styling appearance - your manicure will look as if you have just created it a long time after its completion;
  • the possibility of making a variety of decorations - from modern baby boomer styling to classic and timeless French manicure.
  • Recommended Top Coat - Hard Top


Do you like to create creative nail designs or classic, feminine decorations? Decide on a product that will make it easier for you. Bet on the reliable Baby Boomer White Gel and discover how many great styles you can create with its help!

Tutorial Video.


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