Base Extra Cover


Base Extra Cover

Catalog Number:  6111-7

Consistency:   Sticky and Thick

Colour:  Light Pink


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Base Extra Cover is a very dense, covering base for use under colored uv gel polish. Thanks to the beige-pink finish, it is perfect for bright, pastel shades of uv gel polish.

With this product you will not only extend and build nails, but also even out the color of the nail plate.

The base is also an ideal solution for making a French manicure or Babyboomer, because it no longer requires applying a dedicated pink or beige color, but only the french tip on the free edge of the nail and the top at the end of the entire styling.

Thanks to Base Extra Cover:

- you will get manicure durability up to 35 days,
- you will mask imperfections on the nail plate and thereby create an impeccable stylization,
- you will increase the opacity of light, pastel shades,
- you can extend your nails by up to 7 mm,
- you will build nails while obtaining the correct structure while maintaining the necessary "C curve",
- you will do a french manicure without having to apply a colored uv gel polish.


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