Cover Base Protein – Cream Beige

Consistency:                           Medium thick
The degree of coverage:        Opaque
Nail plate type:                        Tile discolored , Tile in good condition
Hue:                                        Beige
Product type:                          Base Collection Cover Base Protein
Finish:                                     Matte
Catalog number:                    7035-7
Capacity:                                7,2 ml

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Cover Base Protein Nude Rose, Cream Beige, Natural Nude

Time for a base that will change your world of hybrid stylizations!

Discover protein power in 3 natural shades.

Comes in 3 different Colors

Bet on reliability:

  • Color and silk proteins - choose from 3 nude shades! Will you be tempted by Nude Rose, delicate Cream Beige or elegant Natural Nude?
  • Medium-thick consistency - thanks to it the base has properties that will help you build up the nail and extend it to 7 mm.
  • Self-leveling formula - with its help you will create an ideal C curve
  • Thermostability - stylization will not deform at high temperatures or during a hot bath. This means that the base does not flood the skins and allows for comfortable work.
  • Short and contoured brush - makes it easier to apply the product to the nail plate.

Cover Base Protein gives you a choice!

Do you want a delicate, elegant effect? Use our database, apply the top and enjoy the natural finish of the styling.

It is also great as a foundation for styling French or babyboomer. You can also apply a hybrid varnish in any color - Cover Base Protein will then emphasize its shade.

3 Different pigmentations available

Nude rose
The color that evokes the subtlety of wild rose petals - astonishes with the beauty of quartz - amuses, like the world seen through pink glasses.
And all this bathed in silk proteins. Nude Rose is enough for a perfect manicure!

Natural Nude
Nude is fashion. Nude is a class. Nude is elegance.
What happens when you apply a protein base in a natural nude shade?
You will become an inspiration and gain confidence!

Cream Beige
For dessert, we have beige cream for you - it is the darkest shade of all Cover Base Protein bases. Subtle beige with a touch of peach is a universal and proven solution. Cream Beige can easily become your No. 1!

Silk proteins and beautiful color are a dream come true for many of you!

That is why Cover Base Protein received an award from AVANTI magazine in the cosmetics category.

This is a unique message, thank you! Meet the 3 award-winning base colors.


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