Crazy Fantasy

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Crazy Fantasy

Degree of coverage: Opaque
Colour: Purple
Capacity: 7.2 ml
Collection: Liberté
Catalog number: 6796-7

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Hybrid Nail Polish 7.2 ml  Crazy Fantasy

Liberte Collection - NeoNail Hybrid Nail Polish


Crazy Fantasy

Does pink have to be predatory? Yes, although Crazy Fantasy is still crazy!

Imagine a confident, decisive and beautiful woman! What are her nails Perfect - necessarily with Crazy Fantasy color. You are this beautiful woman - you are beaten by independence and freedom.

Become Empower Women!



1. Gently polish the nail with a polisher , remove any dust formed, then rinse with a cleaner .

2. Apply a thin layer of HARD BASE and cure in an L ED or UV lamp according to the table .

3. Apply a layer of hybrid varnish in the selected color and cure in the LED / UV lamp according to the table (the darker the color, the longer the curing time). To get the color depth repeat the procedure.

4. Apply a layer of HARD TOP to give a very expressive gloss. In the summer, we recommend using TOP Sunblocker instead of the Hard top.

5. Cure in an LED / UV lamp according to the table and then rinse with a cleaner .

6. In order to remove varnish from the nails, polish the shiny layer with a polishing block , then apply Acetone .

* for this purpose, apply acetone on Foil Nail Wraps (or use a dust-free swab and cover the nail with it, then wrap it with aluminum foil) and leave for about 10 minutes. If there are remains of varnish - gel, remove them with a wooden stick or metal dumplings .

How to make a Japanese manicure After removing the hybrid manicure, it is worth doing a Japanese manicure . It gives the shine of a pink pearl, deeply nourishes the natural nail plate, strengthens it and supplies it with natural ingredients (including vitamins A + E), keratin, bee pollen and silica from the Sea of ​​Japan. Prevent the problem of damaged and brittle nails. The treatment will make the plate stronger, full of silky glow and healthy appearance.



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