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Glittery Effect Glitter No. 01
Collection: Glittery Effect
Colour: gold – blue
Catalog number: 5550-1


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Nail styling pollen 2g Glittery Effect No. 01 - gold - blue.
Shine among your friends with Glittery Effect.
Glittery Effect is a collection of 3 amazing nail styling glitters. All it needs is a small stream of light to shine. Thanks to them your manicure will attract the eyes and you will always be in the center of attention. 
Glittery Effect pollen does not require special skills, 
you can achieve a stunning and beautiful look without going through all the effort and experience of nail styling.
Check out our collection and be enchanted.
Glittery Effect pollen collection
Description of pollen collection Glittery Effect
The glitter comes in a small pot. It's overall size & texture is thicker than classic glitters. This makes its particles look like 'pixels' effect on the nails. It will look beautiful on both the nail plate and as an addition to the decor. Pollen stays a long time untouched and in the perfect condition. You can apply it to your favorite gel polish or into gel itself.
Glittery Effect pollen is suitable for all shades of manicure.
It is worth remembering that the final effect of the glitter will depend also on the chosen color of the UV Gel Polish.
There is so much combination to choose from...
Application of Arielle Effect
1. Apply a Glittery Effect to the second hardened layer of the UV Gel Polish with a special applicator or your finger.
2. Remove excess pollen using a soft brush.
3. Apply  Hard Top Gel Polish on the entire nail, making sure that the free edge of the nail is well protected. Then cure according to the table.
4. Wipe off sticky layer of the nails using NeoNail Cleaner. Align the edges of the nails with a nail file.
Note: If your UV Gel Polish has a small dispersion layer (sticky layer), it should be cured for shorter time so that the light sticky layer remains on the nail.
Application of frost Type Effect
1. Apply glitter to the second coat before curing.
2. Sprinkle your fingernail with glitter thoroughly from each side.
3. Cure according to the table.
4. Align the edges with a nail file.
Available shades
Glittery Effect No. 01 - gold - blue
Glittery Effect No. 02 - pink - green
Glittery Effect No. 03 - multicolour


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