Grape Groove

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Grape Groove

  • Collection: Thermal Colour
  • Shade: Purple
  • Colour: Thermal
  • Catalog Number: 5613-1
  • Capacity: 6 ml

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The NeoNail Thermo UV nail polish brings some exciting colour fun to your nails. Depending on the temperature, the colours turn lighter or darker - especially on longer nails the effect comes into its own.

Our Thermo UV nail polish is distinguished by its unique colour intensity and has a durability of up to three weeks.

No matter if it's during the summer months or when you play winter sports - the colour changing effect remains perfect! Sand, water and even snow won't damage your manicure.

A manicure and pedicure with UV nail polish doesn't only look beautiful and natural, but is also particularly resilient.

When applied as a nail polish, our UV nail gel has the durability of a gel. For up to three weeks your nails remain perfect, do not split and are protected against scratches.





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