Gum Peel

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Gum Peel-Off

Cuticles often get dirty when styling nails. To prevent this, it is worth applying a protective Peel-Off Gum.

For whom - The product is intended for all people involved in nail stylization: professionals who appreciate fast and aesthetic work and beginners who begin their adventure with creating decorations.

Benefits - Peel-Off Gum enables styling without fear of unwanted dirt. The products are applied much more accurately, closer to the cuticles, which extends the durability and manicure effect. The applied rubber dries in just 3 minutes and creates a tight coating around the finger. Easy and quick removal is also facilitated - with one movement using tweezers. It is the only such product on the market among professional leading brands.

When to reach for it - It will prove irreplaceable when performing various decorations. Use it when applying glitter, making an ombre or reflecting patterns from stamps. The rubber works well with the hybrid, gel, acrylic method, as well as when applying traditional varnish.

With Peel-Off Gum you can quickly remove dirt around the nail plate. Styling has never been easier.


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