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Magnet for Cat Eye effect

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In order to achieve the unique CAT EYE effect, the magnet is an indispensable accessory. Approach the magnet from different sides to the nail and always get new color sequences on your nails. It allows you to create an extremely fashionable "cat eye" effect.

1. Polish the surface of the nails evenly using a nail file or a buffer.

2. Apply the UV HARD BASE coat to the nails and allow to cure. You can see how long the curing time is below the UV or LED lamp.

3. Shake the "Cat Eye" nail polish before use, then apply a thin layer of the UV nail polish to the nails and hold the magnet at a distance of 0.5 cm over the nail surface for approx. 5 sec. Cure in the UV lamp, 36 W for 2 minutes.

4. Apply a second, equally thin layer of the UV nail polish and hold the magnet again over the nail for approx. 5 seconds. Cure in the UV lamp at 36 W for 2 minutes.

5. Apply the UV HARD TOP cure under the UV lamp 36 W for 2 minutes, then clean it thoroughly with the Cleaner.

To remove the nail polish, smooth the shiny surface evenly with a polishing pad, then remove the nail polish with an acetone soaked pad over the nail - leaving it to work for 10 minutes. Remove any remnants of the nail polish using a small wooden stick or metal nail pusher.



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