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Vitamins Primer ACID

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Gentle on the nail plate – effective

Primer Vitamins is an acid-free product enhancing a primer’s adhesion to the natural nail plate.

It is enriched with vitamins and has conditioning properties. You can use it for UV gel and acrylic manicure.

What is included:

Vitamins A, E, B7, B8 and calcium pantothenate have conditioning and strengthening properties. That is why Primer Vitamins is also recommended for damaged or fragile nail plate.


Its innovative formula allows for the introduction of a vitamin complex and does not make the product less adhesive – the product works like a double-sided tape which bonds together the nail and applied primer.


Natural ingredients reduce the burning sensation experienced while curing. They prevent product lifting and guarantee that the air does not get into the next layers of the applied products.


Thanks to its new formula, Primer Vitamins is gentle and noninvasive and can be applied even on very damaged nail plate. It makes the manicure last longer and guarantees safety – your nails are the most important!


Apply a thin layer of the product on the nail plate using a brush and wait a moment until it dries
(it creates a sticky layer).


7,2 ml



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