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Pearl Effect 01

Hue:                                       Pink
Weight:                                  2 g
Finish:                                    Iridescent
Catalog number:                  5940

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Pearl Effect No. 01

A real gem among pollen for decorations!

Pearl Nail Effect is a fine dust that will guarantee you a pearl effect with a shimmering, pink glow . The transparent structure will allow you to display it in your favorite colors. It will combine with light hybrid varnishes into beautiful, pearly stylizations , while the  dark ones will be transformed into a metallic surface with shiny accents.

Application by rubbing:

1. Prepare the nail plate for styling.

2. Apply Hard Base and cure in a lamp.

3. We apply the first layer of hybrid varnish color and cure it in the lamp.

4. Apply the second layer of hybrid varnish color and harden.

5. Apply Dry Top and cure for 10 seconds.

6. Rub Pearl Effect into the entire nail plate using an applicator or a silicone brush . Remove the remains with a dust brush .

7. We secure everything with Hard Top .

Watch Video for application:  

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