Purple Look


Purple Look

Colour:   Purple
Finish:  Glass
Collection:  Paradise
Capacity:  7.2ml
SKU:  8528-7

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Purple Look Hybrid Varnish 7.2 ml

Purple Look hybrid varnish with a transparent finish

Look at your hybrid manicure from a different angle and make it not only fashionable this season, but also extremely beautiful! The novelty from the Paradise collection will help you with this , i.e. the transparent Purple Look varnish with a deep, purple color . You can apply it to create a background for the application of pollen or to create any styling - including an extraordinary and colorful French manicure! The glass effect you get thanks to the purple Purple Look will make you fall in love with painting nails - experiment, play with the form and enjoy the new possibilities offered by the "glass " finish!

Violet hybrid varnish with a glass effect

The beautiful, purple hybrid varnish Purple Look is a product with a  transparent finish - you can slightly gradate the intensity of its shade by the number of layers applied. It is a product that will perfectly complement any holiday styling and make your manicure or pedicure take on a summer, extraordinary character!


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