Repair Base

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UV Gel Repair Base

Product Type:  Base
Type of Nail Plate:  Plate in good condition, Plate weakened, Plate thin, Plate Brittle
Consistency:  Medium Thick
Hue:  Transparent
Capacity:  7.2 ml
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Repair Base Hybrid 7.2 ml 

REPAIR BASE, a hybrid base that strengthens delicate nails

Are your nails brittle and very delicate ? Or maybe you are looking for a product that will help you strengthen and extend them in an easy and quick way? Discover a novelty in the NEONAIL assortment that meets all your needs! Here is REPAIR BASE , a hybrid base dedicated to brittle, splitting nails . You can apply it solo, because it does not require applying a top coat, or apply your favorite shade of hybrid polish - use it the way you like!

REPAIR BASE is a hybrid base that:
  • has a formula enriched with  vitamins A, C, E, biotin, keratin and silicon ;
  • will help you  extend your nails by 7 mm - it also has  strengthening and building properties ;
  • it is transparent , therefore it perfectly harmonizes with any shade of hybrid varnish;
  • has a medium-thick consistency  that facilitates the application of the product on the nails;
  • will help you  extend the durability of your styling - you can wear your manicure for a long time;
  • does not require the use of a hybrid top coat - after washing the dispersion layer with Cleaner, it leaves a beautiful shine;
  • strengthens and hardens , therefore it is ideal for people with  weakened, thin and brittle nails ;
  • can be used  for both manicure and pedicure ;
  • has a contoured brush - it allows for  quick application of the  product;
  • does not require the use of a primer ;
  • saves your time  - you do not have to take off your styling, you can only complete it and continue to enjoy beautiful nails for a long time.


Do you want to choose a proven product that will strengthen and extend your brittle and brittle nails? Choose the  reliable REPAIR BASE hybrid base from NEONAIL!

The needs of the product:  Perfect for people looking for a product that will comprehensively take care of their nails. Thanks to it, the nails are more resistant to mechanical damage. In addition, there is no need to use a Top, after washing the sticky layer, the base has a shine.


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