Revital Base Fiber – Rosy Blush

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Revital Fiber Base – Rosy Blush

  • Shade: Pink
  • Consistency:  Thick
  • Finish:  Classic
  • Catalog Number: 7650-7

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Revital Base Fiber Rosy Blush Hybrid 7.2 ml

Revital Base Fiber



Meet the new version of the Revital Base Fiber hybrid spherical base - it contains all the properties for which you love it, and we have added some color to it. Thanks to this, in a few moments you can paint a perfect manicure, create a great base for decorations or emphasize the shade of pastel hybrid varnishes.




You will follow the latest trends , the color of Rosy Blush is a timeless, girly pink that will work for any occasion. Apply it on your nails and finish the manicure with any top, the styling will be ready in a few moments. You can also use Revital Base Fiber as a classic base and apply a hybrid varnish in your favorite color to it.

beauty forum awards

Revital Base Fiber is an extension, it is a strengthening and a lasting effect - you also appreciated it, thanks to you the base received a distinction in the BEAUTY FORUM AWARDS 2020 competition in the HAND & NAIL category - HAND & NAIL - CARE AND STYLING. Thank you very much and we are glad that our products beautify your hands!

  • Durability even on a delicate plate - thanks to the content of synthetic fibers, this base will make the manicure last a long time, even on brittle,  brittle nails. With its help, you will also perfectly fill in the microcracks of the nail plate, creating the effect of strong and smooth nails. 
  • ogaty composition - Revital Base Fiber is not only durability or a beautiful, girly color, but also calcium and vitamins E and B5.
  • Extension and superstructure - the Revital Base Fiber also allows you to add your nails up to 10 mm in length.
  • Styling in a few moments - Revital Base Fiber is a product that will significantly shorten the duration of manicure. All you have to do is apply the shade of Rosy Blush, finish it with any top and it's ready! In addition, this product is extremely easy to apply, thanks to a short, well-shaped brush and  a thick, self-leveling formula. 

The base has a safety certificate , which confirms that it does not pose a threat to health and does not have any sensitizing or irritating properties.

The product meets the needs:  Vitamin base which, thanks to the fiber content, creates a protective plaster on the brittle and brittle nail plate. It allows you to build and extend it by about 10 mm.


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