Salty Kisses


Salty Kisses

Colour:   Pink
Finish:  Glass
Collection:  Paradise
Capacity:  7.2ml
SKU:  8523-7

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Salty Kisses Hybrid Varnish 7.2 ml

Salty Kisses hybrid varnish with glass effect

Create fashionable, feminine decorations that perfectly match the  trends for summer 2021 . Salty Kisses hybrid varnish from the latest Paradise collection will help you with this ! It is a novelty in the NEONAIL range, because it is distinguished by a completely new "glass" finish - the glass effect. Put on the transparent Salty Kisses pink to create the perfect background for decorations or styling French manicure in a colorful edition. Play with form, experiment and let your imagination run wild - unleash your creativity to create an extraordinary manicure in your style!

Transparent hybrid varnish in a pink color

Salty Kisses is a beautiful shade of pink with a feminine, holiday character. Use it to create a beautiful background for decorative pollen or patterns that you plan to create when creating an outfit for summer 2021 . Get a fashionable glass effect and decide for yourself how much color you want to achieve - the fewer layers of the product, the more transparent the result. Combine Salty Kisses with other shades of hybrids from the Paradise collection for the perfect manicure in your style!


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