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Smoky Effect NO. 02

  • Catalog Number: 6173-2
  • Colour:  Yellow

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Enjoy Your Color! Imagine a rainbow smashed into hundreds of pieces. That is exactly how we've created all of the colors in the Smoky Effect Powders collection!

The palette of 9 bald powders gives deepest pigmentation yet on the market - each of them is a erupting volcano of positive energy, joy and madness!

You can use them in many ways: the most desirable effect is the 'smoke effect'.

Neon ombre (easiest and quickest to make its ever been!) is another desirable effect.


Smoky Effect

Smoky Effect can be applied to any Gel Polish, but black or white results in best effect. 

Go with us to a festival of crazy colors!

Smoky Effect


Smoky Effect NO1 (green) - Bright green, like the outbreak of spring,brings to mind freshness and happiness.

Smoky Effect Available in shades:

6173-1 Smoky Effect No 01 - green

6173-2 Smoky Effect No 02 - yellow

6173-3 Smoky Effect No 03 - orange  

6173-4 Smoky Effect No 04 - orange-red

6173-5 Smoky Effect No 05 - pink

6173-6 Smoky Effect No 06 - fuchsia

6173-7 Smoky Effect No 07 - purple  

6173-8 Smoky Effect No 08 - blue

6173-9 Smoky Effect No 09 - navy


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