Summer Couple

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Summer Couple

Colour:   Pink
Finish:  Neon
Collection:  Paradise
Capacity:  7.2ml
SKU:  8522-7

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Summer Couple Hybrid Varnish 7.2 ml

Summer Couple hybrid varnish from the holiday Paradise collection

What will be the most successful couple this summer? Definitely your styling and manicure made with Summer Couple hybrid varnish , a perfect combination It is a beautiful, neon shade of pink that will surely steal your heart whenever you put it on your nails - it will perfectly emphasize the color of your tan and will make sure that no one will pass by such a mani indifferently. Summer Couple is perfect as an element of your stylization if you like eye-catching and wear really expressive, saturated colors on your nails.

Neon hybrid varnish in a pink color

Summer Couple is an unusual color - it is a pink, neon hybrid varnish that resembles the Barbados Party shade . The new color is slightly less pink , and you can also see a clear admixture of orange in it . If you care about an unusual, unique varnish, Summer Couple will perfectly match your needs. Use this shade to emphasize your style in a fashionable and extraordinary way.


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