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Sunset Effect NO. 05

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  • Nail Art
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  • Metallic – Blue

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Sunset Effect NO. 05

Sunset Effect is a palette of beautiful, summery warm sunset colourpowders.
This strongly pigmented powder creates a multidimensional, delicate satin metallic effect.
Colours penetrate fluently, depending on intensity and angle of the light.
Sunset Effect powder is very fine but not too loose, which guarantees the precision and simplicity of its application.
The powder can be used in several different ways:
To cover the entire nail, rub the powder using applicator onto nail plate that has been already cured with Dry Top.
To decorate, apply the powder with a thin brush and rub it into the surface that has been cured already with Dry Top, creating any pattern.

The powder is very fine, which gives precision and simplicity of application and it can be used in several ways to create different designs.

You only need a tiny amount of product to achieve the desired effect.
Sunset Effect can be used for styling on any UV gel polish, acrylic or gel.
Do not apply onto classic nail polish.
Sunset Effect is available in 5 fabulous colors

1. Onto cured UV gel polish, apply Dry Top (without sticky layer) and cure using the lamp.
2. Use special applicator or fingertip to rub the powder onto the nail plate in circular motions.
3. Remove excess of the powder with a soft brush and cover the entire nail using Dry Top (to give an amazing gloss), Hard Top or Top Sunblocker, make sure that the free edge of the nail is well protected, cure using the lamp.
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