Consistency:                Medium Think

Effect:                           Reinforcement

Nail plate type:           Tile in good condition , Tile breakable

Hue:                              Transparent

Product type:               Base

Capacity:                      7.2 ml

Catalog number:        6931-7

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Hard Base Vitamins

Hard Base Vitamins is a well-known classic hybrid base, but enriched with vitamins. What’s in the new version? Keratin, Shea butter esters, silk proteins and a complex of vitamins A, E and C. 

Hard Base Vitamins are another face of the base and other methods for a unique hybrid manicure. The base is very easy to use. Its consistency is thicker than Hard Base and thinner than building bases.

It will make styling easier for beginners and improve treatments for professionals.

This is another product from the Vitamins series, which is worth using especially for brittle and weak nails. Test Hard Base Vitamins and find out the difference!

How to use?

  1.   Gently polish the nail with a  polisher , remove the resulting dust, then rinse with a  cleaner .
  2.   Apply the primer on the prepared nail plate  , and then apply a layer of   Hard Base Vitamins , cure in a  LED  or  UV lamp  according to   the curing                 time table . 
  3.   Apply a layer of hybrid varnish in the selected color and cure in the  LED / UV lamp  according to the table (the darker the color, the longer the curing time).      Repeat the operation to obtain a depth of color.
  4.   Apply the HARD TOP layer   to give a very expressive gloss.
  5.   Cure in a lamp LED / UV  according to the  table , then rinse with a  cleaner .  
  6.   In order to remove the styling from the nails, polish the   shiny layer with a polishing block , then apply  Acetone .

 * for this purpose, apply acetone on the  Foil Nail Wraps  (or use a  dust-free cotton swab  and cover it with a fingernail, then wrap it with aluminum foil) and leave it  for about 10 minutes. If there are residues of gel varnish, remove them with a  wooden stick  or a  metal hoof .  


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