Colour:  Violet
Collection: Paris my Love
Shade:  Glitter
Catalog number:  5714-1
Capacity:  6 ml

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Satin is an unbridled violet shining with flecks that will make your manicure stylish and elegant. Delight with the riot of sensual colors and sparkling nails. Fun guaranteed all night long








1. Gently polish thenail with a polisher .

2. Apply a thin layer of HARD BASE  and cure in the LED lamp  according to the table.

3. Apply a layer of hybrid varnish in the selected color and cure again in the LED lamp or UV lamp   according to the  table  (the darker the color, the longer the                 curing time).

4. Then apply a second, equally thin layer of the same varnish, and then harden the varnish in the lamp.

5. Apply a layer of HARD TOP  or DRY TOP  to give a very distinctive gloss and harden in the lamp again   After using Hard Top, rinse with a cleaner .

6. In order to remove the varnish from the nails, matt the shiny layer with a polishing block , then  apply  Acetone  on the  Foil Nail Wraps (or use a  dust-free swab and cover it with the  nail, then wrap it with aluminum foil) and leave it for about 10 minutes. If there are residues of gel varnish, remove them with a wooden stick or a metal hoof .


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