Arielle Effect No 3

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  • Colour: Rose
  • Catalog number: 4777-3

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Arielle Effect - Rose

Fine, shimmery and multicolored powder.
Arielle Effect is very simple in the application and gives a beautiful shine.
It can be applied onto your favorite classic nail polish, UV gel polish or gel. The powder is suitable for all colours.
Application Method:
Apply the powder using brush onto the dispersion layer (sticky) of the colour UV gel polish or Hard Top.
Work the powder carefully using applicator or with your finger so that most of the powder remains on the nails. Then rub the excess of the product with a soft brush in circular movements. Finish applying a coat of the Hard Top, make sure that the free edge of the nail is well protected and cure using the lamp.
Arielle Effect is available in below shades:
- Classic
- Lilac
- Multicolour
- Rose
- Green
- Blue Lagoon
- Orange
- Pink


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