Art Brush Studio Line Kolinsky 1/1


Art Brush STUDIO LINE – Kolinsky 1/1

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Brush for decorating STUDIO LINE - Kolinsky 1/1 *

Professional brushes line Studio Line are made of the highest quality bristles "Kolinsky".
The natural Kolinsky bristles are characterized by a light brown color with a rusty shade, which is more resilient and harder than the squirrel's bristles.
This makes the brush ideal for very precise painting.
You can easily create details and small icons on your nails.
Its resistance to wear is twice as high as squirrel bristles. That is why the brush will serve you for a very long time.
It is suitable for working with hybrid varnishes, in particular the Aquarelle collection, Paint gels and colored gels.


Bristle length 
10 mm


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