Beach Blaze

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Beach Blaze

Colour:   Yellow
Finish:  Glass
Collection:  Paradise
Capacity:  7.2ml
SKU:  8525-7

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Beach Blaze hybrid polish 7.2 ml

Hybrid Lacquer Beach Blaze with "glass" finish

Get the fashionable effect of a translucent sheet of color on your nails , which you can create with the help of a novelty - a hybrid with  a "glass " finish! It is a product with transparent coverage with an admixture of the Beach Blaze shade, i.e. yellow, saturated color. Follow the latest trends for summer 2021 , thanks to the products from the Paradise collection, and become the star of this year's holidays! Apply Beach Blaze yellow varnish on your nails, and then make any decorations - you can treat this stage as a background for pollen, spider gel or other shades of hybrids. Experiment and unleash your creativity to create a look that will catch the eye!

Yellow hybrid varnish with a transparent glass effect

Beach Blaze is a beautiful, yellow nail polish that gives you a glass effect on your nails . Such a transparent finish will give your styling a completely new, unique character. If you care about an extraordinary and at the same time fashionable effect , the result that you get thanks to the Beach Blaze varnish will surely delight you!


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